The summer holidays are here at last, and what could be better than a refreshing dip in with nature all around you. Magical landscapes, straight out of a fairy tale, will transport you to the world of childhood as you enjoy a splash in one of the many streams, rivers, pools and waterfalls that offer the perfect escape from the heat during the summer months. Amazing locations for unforgettable wild swims, revitalising you as you take a plunge in the heart of nature.

These are wilderness locations, untouched by human activity, so it is essential to exercise maximum caution before swimming, but once you have established that there is no danger, you can take the plunge and enjoy the icy cold water of the Val d’Aran.

Some of these swimming spots can be found in such beautiful settings as the Artiga de Lin or the Varradós, places where the course of the river has formed small pools, ideal for summer bathing.

As well as these unforgettable wild swims, Vielha boasts two open-air pools where you can enjoy a refreshing dip.

PALAI DE GÈU swimming pool.

GAUSAC swimming pool (check opening and closing times).